R53 Eibach Pro Street Kit

R53 Eibach Pro Street Kit

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Our PRO-STREET-S offers you optimal sport performance without making big sacrifices in comfort. Due to its height-adjustability, the Pro-Street-S coil-over allows you to fine tune to your specifications. Our experience flows directly into our coil-over suspension systems through many years of in-house development, as well as manufacturing shock absorbers and ERS springs for the top series in national and international motorsports. Additionally, the PRO-STREET-S shock absorbers are manufactured using stainless steel technology, to not only provide you with a sporting performance, but also the finest quality! This combination of tuning, production, application of high-grade materials and the utilization of spring elements from our ERS racing sport line results in a perfectly calibrated product in every regard.


* Height adjustment from 0.8" to 3.0" (depending upon vehicle type)

* Rust-free stainless steel design

* Sporty and comfortable in the normal range, appealingly taut in the threshold

* Spring elements drawing on our ERS program