Helix Rear Adjustable Control Arms

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The MINI Cooper adjustable rear control arms by Helix have evolved and are stronger and lighter than ever. After the initial design became the industry's standard for ideal MINI rear suspension, Helix decided to make several improvements to reduce maintenance, prolong life and increase adjustment settings. 

Helix uses the most expensive spherical bearings, powder-coated roads and rubber weatherproof boots in its new design. The control arms are constructed of 6061 heat-treated aluminum for added strength and Teflon-lined heim joints for increased durability.

Rubber and poly bushings that give a mushy feel under hard cornering are NOT used.

Another thing that makes these arms better than the rest is their weight. Unsprung weight is 50% lighter than stock! Considering the weight, no competing aftermarket MINI control arms are as durable. 

The arms are shipped pre-adjusted to stock geometry settings and are assembled with suspension lubricant. Helix recommends a starting point of 0 toe and 1 to 1.5 degrees negative camber for your alignment settings.