Vibra-technics Motor Mount for BMW E30

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Do you own a E30 one of the greatest sedans ever made by BMW? If so, your car at newest was made in 1992. That being the case its time for some refresh, Get a pair of Vibra-technics Engine mounts for your E30 and keep the engine in place. These mounts were specially engineered for the E30 chassis of cars to provide superior feedback though the chassis as well as controlling motor movement. Most of the engine mounts that came with the car have been destroyed by oil leaks, heat cycling and just plain use. Also the original parts were designed for a  soft, comfortable ride in road car applications. This results in excessive engine movement which affects gear selection, cornering and braking when the car is driven on the track. 

The engine mount has a billet machined housing and a rubber insulator at its core. It is completely fail safe.

Its highly recommended before you install our parts that you solve all oil leaks that could leak onto the motor mount. While our products are fantastic, life will be compromised if soaked in oil.
We also offer a set for the S14 motor for the simply sublime E30 M3, Get a pair and make your car drive just that much better. The E30 M3 is a car that is defined by its completeness of package and here at Greene Performance we feel this is a must have for any E30 M3

Part also fits european market 320i with S14 engine.

Prices are for the pair, If a single part is needed please contact us.

We also sell the competion hardness upon request though it is highly recommended against if the car is used for any road driving.


we do not stock these and are special order due to low demand